Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In classtime, sitting on the passage

It is Thursday today.
It is a day of the week when I was born.
It eats the cup ramen for the box lunch.

while thinking
what color I will color today
to the graph of the integration
of homework everyday,
the time of the cleaning came

Though water splashes to putting on
and it is unpleasant cleaning the rest room with slippers
since there is no method
because it was not possible to buy another boots
i have lost 3 these days

the prince comes and takes me
as his bride of the fourth
and it is all right for me that i am the fourth bride
only if if starting laughing a day even once
and before marriage only cut this stripe..
..the lobotomy operation..
if successful, i am sure i will work for you
the word
will be lost from my dictionary.